Ryders Creek

a working farm to enjoy 

Ryders is on the site of an old dairy, the remaining buildings being one of the visual highlights of the farm.

Cattle have found a home at Ryders for more than a century and now is no different. We run a smallish herd of black Angus cattle who feast on grass which you can almost see growing most months of the year. You may also see some of the remarkable looking "Heilen Coo’s" (a Scottish breed of long horned, and haired highland cattle breed) on the property from time to time. They used to live at Ryders and belong to the former owners, now neighbours, but they and we like to see them still spending time at their old stomping ground.  

We also have adorable Suffolk sheep, fresh eggs from our chooks Henny and Penny and a resident goose which we call "Goosie". 

We look forward to your stay.

Jason and Veronica